At MYQRSIGN, we believe that great design and qr code can make people happy. We believe that quality products and great customer support are the only options. 

Our Story:

For 4 years, Makarets Artem was engaged in marketing and advertising of his clients ' businesses.

At this time, Instagram released a personal nametag that directed people to follow your page. This was the impetus to portray this digital version of the sign and use it for business.

So in October 2019, the Instascanner Store ( website was launched online, where Instagram NameTag Sign was presented in various colors and sizes.

With the COVID 19 pandemic and customer requests, we have developed options with QR codes applied to all business needs. This is how the MYQRSIGN website appeared on the Internet.

Now we fulfill more than 1300 orders from all over the world.

Our Product:

We develop personal qr signs for any pages, platforms, payment systems, and social networks.

Custom QR Sign (Website, Youtube, Online Menu)

Facebook QR Sign

Instagram QR Sign

Google Reviews QR Sign

Cash App QR Sign

Venmo QR Sign


You can choose where the qr sign will direct your customers. Only you know what will make your business better.


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