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"I purchased this plaque for my Brow Bar and it was a HIT!! Clients use this willingly as it attracts them with this design. I am extremely satisfied with this plaque and this company!"



"I bought this sign for my hair salon, mostly because the price was right, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't really expecting much. I was wrong, it's a great sign! It's very bright and colorful, and can be seen from the entrance door. It has several settings for light color. I'm rather happy with this sign, and so will you. "



"My bar managers are rave about this sign! We care about what people saying about us and ask them to leave feedbacks, but they don't usually do this because they forget right after leaving our salon. It comes easier with this sign as they can do it immediately by scanning sign. They just can't refuse my girls! I absolutely recommend!"


Unique touch for your business. Looks good in any interior design concepts.
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Lowest price
Smart decison for your business. 15 settings for light color and remote control.
The best selling product of our store.
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Create an interactive experience for customers who visit your store or office. And make it easy for them to share their expierence about contacting your business.
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Cash App
This is an exciting time for technology and the opportunity to take your relationship with your customers to the next level is here!
Customers can transfer money or tips to your in two clicks and satisfyed your service.
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wi-fi plaque
Forget about "What is the login? And what is the password...with large letters or small?"
Save your energy for better things and let customers enjoy your service!
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